20+ Cute And Creative Pixel Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a unique and niche tattoo style, then in my opinion pixel tattoo will be one of the best options. Pixel tattoo is a tribute to game lovers or to a legendary and always popular cartoon image. Usually this tattoo style will only be understood by tattoo enthusiasts. Of course, with the widespread spread and rapid development of tattoo culture, this niche tattoo style is known to more and more people and they are beginning to wear them.

When we are interested in pixel tattoo design, I think it is necessary to first understand what is a pixel?

Pixels are composed of small squares of the image. These small squares have a clear position and assigned color. The color and position of the small square determine the appearance of the image. If there are no pixels, we cannot achieve full-resolution images (large pictures, such as outdoor advertisements) 。

Pixel tattoo design

Pixel painting belongs to a very artistic style image. The image of this style has clear outline and clear colors. The design of pixel tattoo comes from this style of painting.

Cartoon images and games are very suitable as design elements for pixel tattoos, which is why super Mario game images are often seen in pixel tattoos.

Of course, with the development, more and more design elements began to be incorporated into it, such as flowers and love heart.

Pixel paintings are loved by young artists, and of course pixel tattoos are very suitable for young people.

Below I will show you 20+ creative and cute pixel tattoo design ideas. I believe they will inspire you and make you determined to wear this very interesting tattoo.

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