20 Meaningful Hamsa Tattoo Ideas That You Want Are Here

The Hamsa tattoo symbol represents the “hand of God” and it is often believed that this symbol can bring them good luck and constant health. As a symbol for praying for good luck, this symbol appears and is used in almost all religions, especially in the faiths of Islam and Judaism. The earliest use of this symbol dates back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Meaning of the Hamsa symbol

Most people generally agree that the meaning of this tattoo is to preserve itself and drive out evil.Hamsa tattoos have many different meanings depending on the culture and beliefs of different regions. In Judaism, the hamsa symbol is considered to symbolize the helping hand of God. In modern society, the hamsa is still used as a symbol of being loved by God in Jewish marriage ceremonies. At the same time this symbol, at one time, also represents female strength.

Hamsa tattoo design

The hamsa symbol was first found in use in the Middle East, a region known in ancient times as Mesopotamia, the current equivalent being Iraq. The Hebrew word hamsa originated as a representation of the number five, so hamsa tattoo designs always maintain the outline of the design of the most dominant five fingers.

The traditional  hamsa  tattoo design is accompanied by an eye, which is known as the Eye of Conscience, and it is often believed that the Eye of Conscience has the same meaning and function as hamsa.

Of course with the development of tattoo culture, hamsa tattoo design has begun to fuse with modern tattoo design ideas, and while maintaining the basic design silhouette, the interiors have become richer and richer, most of them will use flowers, tribal symbols and some popular design elements combined with it.

However, you need to note that there is a certain difference in the meaning of the different finger contours represented in the hamsa tattoo design. Separate fingers represent being below evil, closely joined fingers represent being: praying for good luck, and prominent thumbs represent blessings.

Also did you notice that some hamsa tattoos are up and some are down. Different directions of tattoos also represent different symbols. The upward hamsa tattoo is often thought to bring blessings to the person wearing it, increase fertility, and enable prayers to be answered. And downward hamsa tattoos are often artificially designed to repel evil and can help us remove negative as well as unhealthy thoughts from our lives.

Anyone can use the hamsa symbol and you don’t have to worry about the symbol offending your religion, because it appears and is used in all major religions, and even though it is different, the hamsa symbol represents the same meaning: good fortune, health, and casting out evil.