27 Simple Butterfly Small Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoo design

Butterfly is one of the most popular design elements in tattoo design. It is suitable for anyone, regardless of age. A butterfly is a beautiful and magical creature. It starts with as an egg, and after a long time, slowly morphs, and finally reborn as a butterfly. So the butterfly means rebirth and transformation, just like our life, and we will not stop moving forward at any time.

As we see them, Butterflies mean beauty, freedom, and spirituality. In Greek words the butterfly is psyche, a word in honor of the soul goddess. Butterfly tattoos are the most popular among women because ladies also believe that butterfly tattoos are closely related to female charm and love.

Butterfly tattoo designs are very rich, you can see their shadow in almost any tattoo style, but the most popular is the simple butterfly tattoo design, because this tattoo design is very suitable for women, and this tattoo design The best match is black. But for butterfly tattoos, in addition to the overall design, the outstanding design is more about the details, especially the wings of the butterfly. So take a close look at each design and choose your favorite from them.