3 Steps To Take Care Of Your Newly Completed Tattoo

For first-time tattoos or newbies, most people don’t care much about the maintenance of tattoos. After completing the tattoo, we still need to take care of the tattoo carefully, and the tattoo is not completed until the wound is healed. the whole process. The maintenance of tattoos can not only avoid wound infection, but also maintain the best tattoo effect.


Steps 1 Remove cling film within 3 hours

Generally, after completing the tattoo, the tattoo artist will wrap the plastic wrap in the tattoo area to prevent the cell tissue fluid from leaking out too quickly. Then it is best to go home and wash and remove the plastic wrap within three to four hours, otherwise the skin will be kept fresh. If the time in the film bag is too long, the “wound” of the tattoo will ulcer due to airtightness, with serious consequences.

Steps 2 Wash the exuded tissue fluid with warm water

Many people think that a tattoo that has just been finished should not be washed. Letting the tattoo dry naturally is the right thing to do. But the fact is just the opposite. Be sure to wash the tattoo after tattooing, and often before the wound is crusty. The reason to wash it is because the tattoo itself is a wound. After the skin is damaged, bleeding and cell tissue fluid will leak. If it is not cleaned, the interstitial fluid seeps out and piles up one after the other, resulting in thick crusts. When the thick crusts fall off, it will affect the effect of the tattoo pattern and even make the tattoo fade or severely fade. Therefore, if you want to maintain the perfect pattern as much as possible, washing after tattooing is a necessary procedure.

Steps 3 Dry the tattoo surface with a clean paper towel

Use warm water, and gently stroke the tattoo area with the palm to remove the blood and tissue fluid. After washing, wipe with a clean paper towel, apply a layer of repair cream after the skin is dry, and then wrap it. Then wash and apply repair cream every three to four hours. After cleaning before going to bed, you can wrap the plastic wrap properly and repeat the above steps for 3-5 days until the skin on the tattoo comes off.