35 Best Yin Yang Tattoo Design Ideas ( 2020 )

As tattoo culture continues to spread and merge with each other, tattoo designs and cultures from the East are gradually coming to Western countries and people’s horizons, with yin yang tattoo designs being one of the most popular tattoo styles.

I think it makes a lot of sense to like a tattoo design and understand the history behind the pattern and what it means.

The Meaning of Yin Yang Symbols

Yin Yang are not just mystical symbols from ancient times, but for China, Yin Yang is a simple and expansive ancient Chinese philosophy. The philosophy of Yin Yang has three characteristics: unity, opposition, and mutualization. This is very different from the Western view, where black represents or represents the power of absolute evil, while white is good and light.

But yin yang do not very clearly indicate the absolute meaning of black and white, the yin and yang symbols tell us that between black and white, there is no absolute darkness or absolute justice, they appear to be separate from each other, but more importantly they cannot be separated, and once separated, then either side will disappear and lose all meaning.

Yin Yang, representing the most basic and primordial opposition of all things. It is the most objective law of nature, the source of change in all things in nature (including mankind), and the most fundamental law of human understanding.

The concept of yin yang comes from the ancient Chinese people’s view of nature, which was summarized in a philosophical way of thinking when they observed the various opposing and intertwined phenomena of nature, such as heaven and earth, sun and moon, day and night, cold and heat, man and woman, etc.

The meaning of yin yang tattoos

Combining the meaning of the yin yang symbol, the person who wears the yin yang tattoo hopes to receive the power from this symbol, the yin yang power represents a power that can be sustained forever, this power never stops and disappears and is always changing and evolving, the symbol that people do not stop in pursuit of a better life, the yin yang power is also the most primal power that comes from the depths of the soul.

The design of yin yang tattoos

Although tattoo designs change every year, yin yang tattoo designs, always retain the most basic design element, which is the yin yang symbol.

At first, most people chose yin yang tattoos very simply, but as tattoos have evolved, yin yang tattoos are now being combined with other design elements, though these are very Chinese or oriental in order to show respect for the symbol. For example: yin-yang fish, lotus flower, crane, etc. Of course, you can choose to combine it with favorite design elements, but I recommend that the overall design style should always have a serious feel.

These 35 best yin yang tattoo design ideas will hopefully inspire you who love or want to have yin yang tattoos.