4 Disadvantages Of Finger Tattoos

The tattoo on the celebrities seems to have become the object of imitation for some people. The tattoos on the fingers of Rihanna made some people have the idea of finger tattoos. Although finger tattoos are handsome, please understand these precautions before making a decision on whether to have a finger tattoo.


Finger tattoos look handsome, but finger tattoos aren’t as beautiful as you think. First, if your hands are sweating frequently, then sorry, you may not be suitable for finger tattoos. Because the tattoo on your hand is often rubbed, coupled with sun and rain and frequent hand washing, the tattoo on your fingers will fade and wear before long.


Tattooing on the fingers, the only thing you can’t avoid is color diffusion. Because the skin on the fingers is very thin and there are many capillaries, the color of the tattoo is easy to spread in this place, and the edges of the tattoo pattern become fragile and appear dirty.

Feeling of pain

If you are sensitive to pain, then you have to think about finger tattoos because it will be painful. In general, the areas with the strongest pain are mainly concentrated on the inner skin and bones where the bones are obvious. These skins are mainly characterized by less subcutaneous fat or less muscle. Therefore, the fingers also belong to the range of strong pain.

Not easy to cover

Tattoos are permanent, and once they’re tattooed, trying to remove them can be very troublesome. Tattoos on your fingers are often seen, and if you want to cover them on some occasions, it will be very difficult.