43 Top Band Tattoo Ideas

At first, band tattoos were very popular among men, but with the development of tattoo culture and the combination of various tattoo styles, this tattoo design has gradually become popular among women.

The Meaning of Band Tattoos

Band tattoos are simple and relatively traditional tattoo styles. Such tattoos used to mean permanent condolences to a loved one or to commemorate a lost feeling. But with the rapid development of tattoo culture, band tattoos not only have this meaning, it also means strength and luck. But now most people have band tattoos just because they look good.

Band Tattoo Design

The band tattoo design is very rich, it can be combined with almost any design element, but the popular band tattoo is still only so few, for example: simple (only designed with black lines), tribal element design, geometric element design , Flower band tattoos, etc.

Band Tattoo Color

In terms of color, modern band tattoos inherit the colors of traditional band tattoos, and most designs still use black ink. But creative tattoo artists do not want to be limited to this, so now there are color band tattoos, but this design is only a few, and there are no other tattoo styles rich and flexible for the use of color. If you want to have a color band tattoo, then I suggest you can refer to the color matching of new school tattoo design, this is the color band tattoo with the most used and best performing color matching scheme.

Obtaining the best and popular band tattoos is very easy. Below we will show you 43 best and popular tattoo design ideas, you can get inspired here and start to prepare your band tattoo Design, please enjoy!

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