8 Interesting Little Knowledge About Tattoos

Life is full of “cold knowledge” that we don’t know. This knowledge may seem strange, but it can increase people’s insight and broaden their horizons. As a tattoo enthusiast or tattoo designer, you must have enough general knowledge about various tattoos. But these 14 interesting tattoos “cold knowledge” may not have you heard of, so let’s take a look now.

1. If you are not satisfied with your tattoo and want to remove it, black is the easiest color to remove by laser, while green and yellow are the hardest to remove.

2. Women’s favorite tattoo site is the ankle, while men’s favorite tattoo site is the arm.

3. The richest tattoo artist in the world is Scott Campbell, who charges $ 1,000 an hour and only works on weekends. Many Hollywood stars have been his customers.

4. The country with the highest percentage of tattooed people is New Zealand, which depends largely on their tradition. In Iran and Arabia, tattoos are illegal, and the common Arab beauties we have have tattoos, which are drawn on the hand by a drawing material called “Henna”.

5. If your good friend has a tattoo, the probability of your tattoo will increase by 50%. People who are sensitive to pain go for tattoos, but they will become more addicted to tattoos, which is twice as addictive as normal people.

6. The vast majority of tattoo artists will feel comfortable because of the moaning sound of the guests, and male tattoo artists are basically no exception.

7. In the United States and throughout North America, 70% of people have tattoos. Among people with tattoos, women prefer tattoos to men. According to surveys, women account for 59% of tattoos.

8. Researchers believe that more than 80% of women prefer men with tattoos. They think that men with tattoos will have more style and personality than other men.