Beautiful Legend of Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dreamcatcher tattoos have become very popular these days, especially among women. Most people like Dreamcatcher tattoos because of their unique design. According to surveys, only a small part of them really know the beautiful legend and meaning behind Dreamcatcher tattoos.

It is very necessary to understand the story and moral behind the tattoo design you like. After all, when someone asks you, you can tell him this beautiful legend, isn’t it?

Beautiful legend about Dreamcatcher

Among the Ojibwa people in North America, there was such a beautiful legend that a long time ago, local newborn babies were often scared by the devil while sleeping, because of nightmares, many babies died unfortunately.

When an angel learned of this, she began to rescue him to drive out the devil and make the newborn baby sleep peacefully. However, with the increasing number of newborn babies, the angel had some lack of skills. Monternet, as long as it is hung on the bed, it will prevent the demons from coming in, so Monternet will continue to flow like this.

The dream catcher is a circle made of branches, wrapped with leather around the circle, and then using a tendon line to make a net in the circle. Occasionally colored beads are worn on the tendon line, and some feathers are hung from the end of the circle. There is a round hole in the middle of the net. It is said that only good dreams can pass through the hole and flow down the feathers. Nightmare will be trapped in the net and disappear with the next day’s sunshine.

Later, this cultural custom was also spread in some parts of the United States. Dreamcatcher has the meaning of praying for peace and bringing good luck, which can drive away nightmares and make people sleep.

Modern Implications of Dream Catcher Tattoos

With the continuous development of tattoo art in the United States, many tattoo enthusiasts very much like the unique design of Dreamcatcher tattoos. Of course, the dreamcatcher tattoo pattern in modern times implies the meaning of body protection and blessing.