Cool Finger Small Tattoo Design Ideas

Finger tattoos are really cool. For tattoo enthusiasts or novices, finger tattoos are full of temptation. The position of the finger is usually one of the body parts that people prefer to observe, so the finger tattoo can show the personality and increase the charm. However, finger tattoos also have unavoidable shortcomings.

Fingers are one of the most frequently-moving body parts, and we always wash our hands often, so finger tattoos will be very easy to wear and fade, and irregular color changes and spreading, then the effect of finger tattoos will be very poor. As for causing our hands to look “dirty”. Even if we take care of finger tattoo care, we still can’t solve this problem well.

But there is always a solution to the problem. Although the finger tattoo cannot avoid wear, it can improve the tattoo effect after it is worn. Through the joint efforts and attempts of tattoo designers and enthusiasts, simple small tattoos have become the safest and best choice for finger tattoos. This tattoo design can fundamentally solve the problem of poor tattoo effect caused by rapid wear and tear. This is one of the reasons why simple little finger tattoos are popular.

A simple finger small tattoo needs to meet the following points in order to avoid problems caused by rapid wear and tear.

  1. Tattoo design only uses lines to avoid large areas of ink filling. Of course, the lines will still wear, but the color-filled finger tattoos will be worse after wear. If you choose a tattoo design with particularly thin lines, the wear is almost negligible.
  2. The design must be simple enough. Please avoid complicated designs. For small tattoos, rich design details are allowed, but most complex designs for finger tattoos are “wrong”. When the tattoos are abrasion, these details are often “stacked” together.
  3. Choose a single-color tattoo color, preferably black ink. Color ink does make the tattoo look amazing, but for finger tattoos that are easy to wear, if you use color ink, the tattoo outline will wear out and there will be uncontrollable color changes, which will make the finger tattoo look worse. And if you want to save the worn color finger tattoo, it is also very difficult.

There are many styles to choose from for simple tattoo designs. But for finger tattoos, you should also maintain a certain degree of “caution” when choosing a simple tattoo design. Of course, you don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong “tattoo design” based on your own imagination or guess. We will show you carefully selected cool finger small tattoo design ideas, they are a good design basis.

If you want to design your own simple little finger tattoo, then the following are the most popular elements of this tattoo design style, you can refer to:

  1. Geometric shapes, such as points, lines, squares, triangles, etc.
  2. Letters, if you want to make the tattoo not only beautiful and have a certain meaning, letters are a good choice.
  3. Numbers, used at the same time as letters, make it easy to design meaningful tattoos.
  4. Popular small patterns, such as: heart, arrow, sun, moon, etc.

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