How Old School Tattoos Captured Everyone’s Love

For newbies who are new to tattoos, old school tattoo style must be one of the choices of most people. Even though tattoo culture is very popular today, there are still many people who do not know much about old school tattoo style, and even mistake it for other tattoo style.

The old school tattoo style has typical American cultural characteristics. Its formation should be influenced by posters. The black outlines have high saturated colors and strong color contrast. However, the excessive color is really simple. All the images are very simple and conceptualization.

Tattoo designs include love, family, etc. Most of these works are characterized by monumentality. Old is relatively new. It has a strong sense of retro style. This is a tattoo style that has stood the test of time and baptism. It is for this reason that old school style tattoos are loved by many people today.

The most common design elements of the old school tattoo style are: swallow, anchor, flower, eagle, heart, black panther. We will tell you the meaning of each classic element below.


In the past, most of the old school tattoos were navy and sailors, and swallows represented a “return” to maritime workers. This “return” has two meanings. First, the characteristic of swallow migration is that he will return to his hometown wherever he goes. The other is that many people believe that if a sailor is miserable at sea, the bird can take his soul to heaven.


Anchors are items that ensure the safety of a ship and symbolize stability. Combining people name with anchors can indicate that this is a very important person for you. Of course, the anchor is not limited to the old school tattoo style. It is also very popular in all tattoo styles, but the meaning it represents has not changed.


Flowers are one of the most popular tattoo design elements, so the old school tattoo style is no exception, and in this style, the flower design is more eye-catching and the visual impact is stronger. At the same time, the flower symbolizes a vigorous life and represents a splendid life.


The eagle is a symbol of power and victory, representing honor, heroism and wisdom. The national bird of the United States is an eagle-a bald eagle. Therefore, the eagle is also an important role in the old school tattoo.


The heart can make the loved one closer. Sometimes it is just a pattern, and sometimes there are meaningful words on the pattern of the heart, such as: “Mom” or the name of a girl he loves. Heart is also a very popular element in tattoo design style.

Black Panther

The black panther is a symbol of strength and courage, and sometimes also a relationship with nature. Black panthers in Old school tattoo style often appear in a fierce style and cannot be approached.

These 6 elements are the most common in old school tattoo design. Of course, with the development of the times and changes in trends, more and more old school tattoo design elements, and many tattoo design artists have already combined this style with Combined with other styles. So after understanding the basic old school tattoo design style, you should know what you need …