How to do a hand tattoo correctly?

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, and after careful consideration, 100% want a hand tattoo, then this article will tell you how to choose the right tattoo design and which style is the most popular and most durable. If you still don’t know the disadvantages of hand tattoos besides being very cool, then I suggest you read this article and come back here.

4 Disadvantages Of Finger Tattoos

Hand tattoos include palm tattoos and finger tattoos, so there are many similarities between the two items that need attention and the best design style. We all know that hand tattoos are easy to fade and wear. So the best hand tattoo should have the following:

Simple design

The area of the hand is very small compared to other body parts, so it is not unsuitable for complex tattoo patterns. The best design should be simple lines or simple patterns without complicated details. The hands are small and the patterns are too complicated for the tattoo artist to play well.

Choice of colors

The hand is the most active part in daily life, and we wash our hands multiple times a day, which is not conducive to maintaining the color. Therefore, most tattooists will recommend that hand tattoos should use a single color such as black or gray, and Not colored. Because over time, the color spreads out, causing the colorful hand tattoo to look very dirty and messy.

Post maintenance

Maintenance is more important for hand tattoos. The effect of hand tattoos depends partly on the design and the tattoo artist, and more on the later maintenance. The newly completed hand tattoos are more complex and more frequent in maintenance than other parts. ,Because the hands are more susceptible to infection. When the tattoo is completely healed, it is necessary to regularly apply tattoo maintenance oil to ensure that the color can be preserved for a long time and to restore the damage caused by the wear of the hand tattoo.

Tattoo maintenance: 3 Steps To Take Care Of Your Newly Completed Tattoo