Simple Small Tattoo: Your First Tattoo

At least 5 out of 10 people have tattoos, which is a remarkable number. Even if this is the case, there are still many people who are tattooing for the first time or want to be tattooed for the first time, so how to properly choose a tattoo design has become a question that these people often think about?

The first thing to be clear is: what is the purpose of your tattoo? To commemorate, is belief or just tattoos cool or beautiful? Of course, no matter what your purpose is, you don’t want your first tattoo to be wrong, right?

For friends who are tattooing for the first time, we suggest that you start your wonderful tattoo journey from a small tattoo. Why is it a small tattoo? Because the small tattoo structure is simple, and the small tattoo is a very popular tattoo design trend. The level of pain that each person can tolerate is different. Some people can easily tolerate pain levels 7-8, but some people only need a little pain to start to shrink. This is not a psychological effect, but a real physical feeling. Small tattoos are simple. Even if you have a hard time with the pain, it will shorten the pain time. Some small tattoos can be completed in a few minutes.

But even small tattoos are divided into complex and simple lines. Some small tattoo designs look small, but the details are very rich and complicated. Such small tattoos are not recommended for the first time. Even if you can tolerate the pain, but because the tattoo effect is not good, you want to cover it. Sorry, you need more energy and time. . .

So for the first tattoo, we recommend a small tattoo that is simple and without complicated design details. You can easily have it anyway, and it is very easy when you need to cover it. Below I will show you a few simple small tattoo design ideas.

Tattoo color

As for the choice of tattoo color, those who tattoo for the first time tend to be colored. Because cool-looking tattoos are mostly colored, changing or covering colored tattoos when they are wrong or unsatisfactory is extremely complicated.

Unless you have a clear idea from the beginning and know what the tattoo is, otherwise, a color tattoo is really not the best choice for your first tattoo. The safest tattoo color should be classic black and white. Whether you cover them later or want to make it more visible and beautiful, it is very easy and easy, because monochrome tattoos can be easily turned into color.

Don’t copy directly

Finally, when you understand all aspects of tattoo design and style, you must not directly copy other people’s tattoo designs. Basically, people who do this will regret it. Unless you know what you really want from the beginning and have a firm belief and vision for the tattoo design you want to copy, then you can follow your wishes.

Tattoo design must not be copied directly. Whether you are a novice or a fan with a lot of tattoos, the most correct way is: choose the tattoo design you like as the basic design solution, or seek the help of a tattoo artist, add your own ideas and Design elements are inside.

10 Simple small tattoos

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