Tattoo Color May Be Revealing Our Character Secretly

Have you heard of “Color Psychology”? This is a very interesting theory. Starting with vision, the reactions and changes from perception and emotion to memory, thought, will, symbol, etc. are extremely complicated. In daily life, you can incorporate color psychology from clothing, hair color and even tattoos.

At present, the choice of tattoo colors is more and more diverse. Different tattoo colors can actually see a person’s personality characteristics. Different color tattoos can also be used to compensate for missing parts of personality and psychology. Below we will introduce the 8 most commonly used tattoo colors and their personality traits.


“I don’t bother you, don’t bother me.”-Yamamoto once described black.

Like black, most of it has to do with emotion and emotion. When someone’s feelings or emotions cannot be found, black may be able to express them.

Black is the most common tattoo color. He symbolizes authority and elegance, but the consciousness is somewhat distanced, so the person who chooses it is weak in spirit and needs to express authority, professionalism and personal taste.

If you don’t know what color to choose, you can use the most common black tattoos. Both the slogan and the pattern are practical and almost error-free.

If you choose black clothes, it means that the low-key does not want to be noticeable, but the black tattoo and skin color are just contrasting colors, so it will be relatively obvious and feel stronger.

It is recommended that you can use some puncturing, gradient, three-dimensional or splash ink effects, the tattoo effect will be more chic!


Among adults, few people purely like white, but many people yearn for white. The same is true for tattoos. There are very few true white tattoos.

White tattoo is the absolute low-key. “White” represents purity, sacredness and kindness in people’s hearts, and even associates trust.

If this is the first tattoo of your choice, it seems that you can use “white” to try it. The size of the tattoo does not need to be too large.

It’s just that white will give people a detached and dreamy psychological feeling. Except that it is not easy to find, the others don’t seem to have any defects.


The color between red and yellow, also known as orange or orange. Orange is a cheerful and lively bright color, the warmest color in warm colors.

Orange tattoos are often combined in color tattoos, and relatively few people use them directly as the main color (unless you really love oranges).

Orange symbolizes motherly love and mature psychological traits in color science. At the same time, the bright orange tattoo will give people a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, and a lively, joyful, youthful and healthy vision.

Friends who like orange tattoos will have some romantic personality, and usually choose sunset, sunrise and other elements as designs. Friends with orange tattoos are often reassuring, is it as warm as the sun?


It is the coldest color in cool tones. Blue is very pure and often reminiscent of the ocean, sky, lake, and universe. In the tattoo, pure blue shows a beautiful, calm, rational and serene temperament.

But blue is actually a very suitable combination color between black tattoos, and most people prefer a color scheme.

People who choose blue tattoos have a methodical and strong execution, which can strengthen their will. In addition, the design element often used by blue tattoos is the blue sea, which gives people a calm and natural feeling.


Pink tattoos have become popular with more Korean tattoos and have become the choice of more ladies. This color gives a gentle, sweet and romantic feeling.

The pink color on the body is less stressful. This color can soothe the restless mood. The most popular choices for pink tattoos are: “unicorn”, “rose”, “little love heart” and so on.

Pink tattoos also give an affinity and friendliness. And this color can also be used to combine with black to form a tattoo design with obvious color contrast. This strong contrast color scheme is very attractive.


Red or burgundy tattoos are always one of the very popular colors. Red stands for “power”, “sexy”, “provocative”, “prohibited”, “dangerous”, “excited”.

Red is always related to life or survival. Red is as profound as the blood flowing through our bodies. It is the most primitive color of human beings. Human beings have various instinctual reactions to red.

Red means passionate and sexy personality, very confident in life and self, definitely bright colors full of energy.

Red tattoos also send a “strong” signal. It’s just too big, obvious totems and lines, which will inevitably make people feel violent, jealous, and unconsciously cause psychological pressure. But when it comes to showing authority, red tattoos can help make people more confident, both mentally and physically.


The yellow color, which has a relatively high brightness, has a slightly low-key effect on the body. Although yellow color represents the meaning of warning, alertness, and inaccessibility, it also symbolizes the meaning of self-confidence, intelligence, and hope.

If you are shy by nature and do not like to be close to people, it is recommended not to choose too bright yellow, you can choose a lighter yellow.

Yellow is usually considered a happy and promising color, and yellow tattoos are dominated by cheerful patterns such as smiley faces and flowers. People who choose yellow tattoos are mostly cheerful, cheerful and positive.


The fresh, natural and comfortable green gives people a magical sense of security. From the beginning to the end, green plays a free, peaceful, and new color meaning. Grass green, dark green, and olive green types of green can make people feel stable and reduce anxiety.

However, in the Middle Ages, green represented evil (including dragons), so it was used to print some cold-blooded animals, and the use of green embellishment for large-scale tattoos would have an unexpected effect and was very eye-catching.

The most common of these 8 colors are black and red, but black accounts for 80% of current tattoo designs. People who choose black as a tattoo design are not only because of color psychology, but also because black tattoos are the safest tattoos. One of the colors, whether your tattoo design is text or pattern, using black can have a good effect, so if you are new to tattoo, then the preferred color must be black!