Tattooist: Winter Is The Best Tattoo Season

This article will tell you why winter is the best tattoo season, but this does not mean that you cannot tattoo in summer, but most tattooists will recommend new tattoo artists to choose to tattoo in winter. Winter can make tattoo recovery better, and guarantee the effect of tattoo to the greatest extent.

Although you can show your beautiful tattoos when you go out in the summer, the tattooed parts can be better ventilated and ventilated, which can accelerate the promotion of metabolism and restore tattoos faster.

But tattoos are easy to sweat in summer, and it is easy to cause tattoo infection due to a moment of inattention! And if the skin is sweating, there will be a noticeable pain within a day or two after the line has just finished.

In addition, the tattoo area is more prone to itching in summer, and the tattoo is more vulnerable to the sun. If you bathe more frequently in the summer due to sweating, tattoos will increase the time soaked in water, which will be a factor that is not conducive to summer tattoos.

Tattoo In Winter

For winter, the unnecessary trouble of tattoo restoration is saved. Because the winter is cold, many people do not bathe frequently because of “hot”, which is more conducive to tattoo recovery. Compared with summer, the skin’s metabolism is slower in winter, so the relative recovery will be slower than in summer.

But for tattoos, such slow metabolism and recovery can better retain the pigment in the skin, and the color after tattoo recovery will be brighter than in summer.

Everyone knows that there will be skin peeling during the recovery period of the tattoo. It can be said that there is no beauty at all. In winter, it is different. You can use clothes to cover the tattoo easily. It is a good way to avoid tattoos that are not beautiful when the skin falls off. In summer, you can show perfect tattoos.