The 10 Questions You Want To Know Before Tattooing Are Here!

Before getting their first tattoo, tattoo novices are always full of doubts, which is in the normal course of things. Tattoos will stay with you for the rest of your life, so caution and care are always right. While many of these questions can be found on the web, they are all too diffuse or specialized, you just need to know yes or no, right?

Here we’ve rounded up some, 10 questions that tattoo newbies often ask about pre-tattooing, they can tell you exactly the answer you want to know, of course if you have other questions, let us know below and we’ll be the first to answer them for you!

1. Do I need to prepare a tattoo design in advance?

Yes, it’s best to do this. When you are ready to do a tattoo, please choose your favorite tattoo design first, you can find them on the Internet. If you are not a designer, don’t imagine yourself! Choosing a tattoo design is not to let you copy it directly. Use this design as the basis for your tattoo design. You can give the design to the tattoo artist and tell him the design elements you need to add or delete. He will help you get a perfect tattoo design.

2. Which tattoo color should I choose?

If you are not sure which tattoo color you should choose, then the safest and best color choice is black. Of course, you can consult your tattoo artist based on your tattoo design and he will give you the most correct choice. It is recommended that those who tattoo for the first time, it is best not to choose a color tattoo.

3. What tattoo style should I choose?

There are many styles of tattoos, which can be classified by size, color, and culture. For those who are tattooing for the first time, you don’t need to know everything, because this will make your choice difficult. For novices, the best choice should be small tattoos and simple, such as: small line tattoos.

4. Can I use anesthetic while tattooing?

Anesthetics are not recommended because they dilute the blood and cause more bleeding.

5. How soon can tattoos be recovered?

Theoretically, it will recover within 1 to 2 weeks after tattooing (each person’s physical condition is different). It will take at least 1 month for a full recovery and best tattoo results.

6. Can I do tattoos in summer?

Of course you can tattoo at any time, but the best time for tattooing is: winter. Because it is not easy to sweat in winter, you can tolerate reducing the number of baths compared to summer to help tattoos recover better.

7. Can I tattoo during pregnancy or lactation?

Absolutely not, because a 100% sterile environment cannot be achieved during tattooing. When pregnant or breastfeeding, the ability of the human immune system is low. There is also a risk of skin infections during the tattoo recovery period. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, tattooing may not only hurt you, but also your baby.

8. What is the most popular tattoo design?

There is no such thing as the most popular tattoo, it may be the case that at some point a certain tattoo style is more popular. Tattoos are not only good-looking but also have a certain meaning, so it is recommended not to excessively pursue the “most popular tattoo design”. Tattoo is permanent body art, and your body is the drawing board. So it is right to choose your favorite and most suitable tattoo design.

9. Need maintenance after tattooing?

Definitely, especially in the first month after the tattoo is completed, 50% of the final effect of the tattoo depends on the maintenance after the tattoo.

10. Does it hurt when tattooing?

Everyone has different levels of sensitivity to pain, and most of them experience a noticeable tingling sensation in the first few minutes of tattooing. Don’t worry, your body will quickly adapt to this feeling, and gradually your pain will decrease or even disappear.