Things You Need to Know Before Color Tattoos

Everyone wants colored tattoos, doesn’t it? Indeed, color tattoos look much better and more striking than black or white ink tattoos because of their rich colors and sharp contrast. But before you have a color tattoo, you need to know these precautions to decide whether to have a color tattoo.

Color tattoo size

Color tattoos rarely have small tattoo designs. Their designs are at least normal tattoo sizes. If the size is too small, then it will lose the area to add color. If so, color tattoos will lose meaning. Not only that, color tattoos are mostly normal sizes. If you place them on the obvious body parts, it may be a headache when you plan to hide him.

Skin color

Colored tattoos are not for everyone, we all know that anyone can have black and white tattoos because these two colors are actually called “no color”, in other words they can be perfectly matched with any color .

But many people have uneven skin color, so when choosing a color tattoo, you must focus on the choice of color, and to a large extent, for people with uneven skin color, no matter what color is selected, it is impossible to achieve a perfect effect. Of course, if you have fair skin, then you should choose color tattoos.

More cost

When choosing a color tattoo, you also need to consider one of the important factors. You need to pay more. The price of the color tattoo must be much higher than black because it requires a large area to fill with different colors.

it will take longer to complete than other tattoos. If you are highly sensitive to pain, it means that you need to endure longer pain.


Color tattoos are a headache for all tattoo enthusiasts and even tattoo artists in terms of post-maintenance, because color tattoos will fade over time.

If you sweat more easily, the color will fade faster. Once the color tattoo fades, the effect will look bad, so you have to go to the tattoo shop to re-color and spend a fee again.

If the design of the color tattoo uses a more unique color, then there is likely to be a color difference when complementing the color. And in daily maintenance, you need to have enough patience and time to deal with this matter.

If you have fair skin and have enough time and patience to deal with the maintenance of color tattoos, then you can definitely choose them. Color tattoos will indeed look more attractive, but please consider spending more. Choose an expert who is good at color tattoos, because color tattoos not only need to consider graphic design, but also need to match colors and modulate the correct colors. For inexperienced tattoo artists, it is challenging to assign the right color.